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Tips For The Perfect Grill:

Use Tongs

Use Tongs to turn over your food when grilling. When you puncture food with a fork or knife you allow the juices to escape which can make the food dry or tough.

Reduce Flare Ups

Cooking with the lid closed reduces flare ups as there is not enough oxygen to support an open flame at cooking grill height.

Season Your Grills

Seasoning cast iron grills will help keep them from rusting and help stop food from sticking to them. To season your Cast Iron Grills, wipe them down with lard or shortening and cook in the BBQ at 350 degrees for 1 hour. (You could do this up to 4 times for maximum protection) This is most effective if done when the grills are new and have never been cooked on before

Burn Off Residue

After cooking, turn up the heat to high for about 10 minutes to burn off any residue on the grills and briquettes/Flav-R-Cast/Flav-R-Wave.

Invert Briquettes

To clean off the Briquettes, Flav-R-Cast, and Flav-R-Wave simply invert them from there original position and run the BBQ on high for about 20 Minutes.

Brush Grills

Brushing your cooking grills with oil just before and after you cook will help you food to not stick.

Basting Right

Basting should be done when your food is 2/3 - 1/2 done. Any basting done too early will simply burn off and can give your food a burnt taste.

Slow Down

Cooking your food slower either by using the indirect method, or by reducing the heat will give you more control over how the food is cooked and allow the food to retain more of it's own juices and therefore not dry out.

Test Cuts

When testing to see if meat is done, cut it at the bone or at the thickest section. This will help further in preventing the meat from drying out.

Get Creative

Don't be afraid to try new things - Barbequing can get pretty creative. Try cooking a pizza or even breakfast on your grill, the possibilities are endless!